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Own a rental property?

Not sure of the correct tax treatment of your rental property's income or expenses?

Don't understand what the numbers mean?


Rental Coach has a range of courses that can teach you all you need to know about NZ tax for your rental and makes managing your rental property easy!

Through the courses you will gain knowledge about the right way to treat your income and expenses. You will be able to understand what the numbers mean and be able to review your rental property's performance.

You will also be able to relax and have peace of mind - through the courses we take you through all the different regulations and requirements of being a landlord. We ensure you can comply with it all!

Rental Coach is a range of comprehensive online course specially written for landlords to help you answer all the important questions about your rental property.

Rental Coach makes NZ tax and managing rentals understandable so that you can apply it to your own investment!


"For the price of less than an hour with my accountant, I had all my questions answered..."

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 We have different levels of courses to meet your needs.

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Any landlord will get a huge value from this course - this is written for New Zealand landlords by accountants who are also teachers.


Whether you just want to update your tax knowledge,
know what your responsibilities you have to do,
or get all the information to do your own tax return each year, the Rental Coach course covers it all.


All your tax related questions answered! Is this deductible? Should I include this income? It covers all you need to know with your rental property so that you will know what you are doing
is correct (or what to change!).

The Course will equip you with all the skills to be able to complete your own tax return if you wish to do so*. 

Save in accounting fees – invest in your skills in the first year, save in future years!

On-line based – can be accessed anywhere via a web browser and continually updated with any legislation changes to ensure you have the correct information.

The course is broken into bite-sized pieces on each topic. Our platform is also an easy to access system where you can navigate back to any topic for future reference.

 *If you want to keep your accountant to file your tax return, you will still benefit from this course. The course will help you understand the numbers that your accountant prepares for you.


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Who we are

Rental Coach is run by a New Zealand based company, Learn Accounting NZ Ltd. Our leadership team have forty years combined experience in the accounting profession working in large chartered accounting firms, smaller private practices, and not-for-profits. We focus on giving quality training without using the jargon of accountants!

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A plan to suit your needs!

Need the essentials or a comprehensive course?
We have tailor made the Rental Coach course for you.




Covers Income and Expenses -
for understanding all the different types of Income you may receive from your rental property, and all the expenses that you can claim on your tax return


See Pricing and more detail











Covers Income and Expenses -
for understanding all the different types of Income you may receive from your rental property, and all the expenses that you can claim on your tax return,


Also covers other important tax adjustments you may need to calculate,


 It covers what you need to know about to meet your obligations as a landlord


See Pricing and more detail




Covers all the material found in the Lite and Standard Versions,


Has step-by-step instructions and specially designed tools to be able to complete your own tax return for your rental property,


It also contains a practice rental property to practice what you have learned!


See Pricing and more detail




Need an accountant to prepare your tax return for your rental property?

We know that an accountant is an important part of your team of advisors.

If you need a Chartered Accountant in New Zealand, then go to the
CA ANZ website and find an advisor near you.

Along with the knowledge you can get from the Rental Coach courses, having a good advisor can be a valuable piece of the puzzle you need to ensure your investment and your financial goals are achieved.