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Why did we set out to create Rental Coach?

Posted 4/4/2018

My sister (Andrea) and I (Murray) are both accountants. However, we both have a strong interest in teaching what we know in practical ways.

We have often seen other accounting firms just prepare the tax returns for clients and not give any help in advice or explaining what the numbers mean.

They just give the tax return for the client to sign. This is a big short-coming of accountants in New Zealand. While some are very good with being a valuable member of the client’s team, many are focused on just compliance – preparing the tax return.

So, we decided to create an on-line course just catering for landlords who want to understand the numbers more. Through the course, they will learn to be able to do their own tax returns for their rental property and also the best practice for managing their rental property.

If the landlord wants to keep their existing accountant, then we would encourage it. We are giving landlords the skills to be able to do a lot of the preparation work so that their accounting fees should reduce significantly. They will also be able to know what the numbers mean. If the landlord feels confident in preparing their own tax return, then we give them the steps so they can do that.

Another barrier in accounting is all the jargon that is used – the words that don’t make sense to anyone else. So, we use everyday language and we also explain key terms throughout the course.

So, that’s the short answer – helping landlords and equipping them where we can. Doing this via the internet is a perfect platform as it doesn’t matter where in New Zealand they are, they can access Rental Coach (note – a broadband connection is needed!).

Learn more about Rental Coach - the online course to equip landlords with the numbers and do their rental tax return

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If any of this interests you, read more about the course and see some screenshots.

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