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In the news - Renters United

Posted 16/7/2018

Making the news this week is a splash from Renters United asking for 36 changes to the rental laws in New Zealand.

This organisation has hit the headlines with a its plan to fix renting in New Zealand.


It is worthwhile to read their suggestions. Here is the link to their press release which is on the Newshub Website. Or, you can go to their website directly here.


Some of the changes suggested are interesting to read - having a warrant of fitness on rental properties, minimum standards for kitchens and bathrooms. Some might not be favourable for landlords such as limiting rent rises to the rate of inflation.

At the end of the Newshub article, the minister for housing Phil Twyford says this:


"I look forward to Renters United's contribution to this discussion and encourage everyone with a view on how New Zealand's rental law could be improved to make a submission when consultation to reform tenancy laws starts shortly."


When the consultation process starts - we would encourage you to have your say as well to ensure that any laws that are passed have the input of both Landlords and Tenants.